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Meet the team: William McCorkell

May 10th 2018

Meet the team: William McCorkell

Meet the team: William McCorkell

1. How long have you been with the company?

I’ve been with the company for 20 years now.

2. What’s your job role and what duties do youcarry out?

My role is Yard Manager and I oversee that everyLorry and Container that leave the Factory is correct and safely loaded withMachinery.

3. What type of training did you receive when youfirst started?

At the beginning very little, it was very muchtrial and error as loads were increasing in size we quickly had to learn how tostreamline the process for loading the Lorries and the Containers to preventany mistakes. Good communication became a vital part of the job role between usin the Yard, the Sales Office and the Senior Management. We were, and still arealways striving for improvement.

4. Over the years what training has beenimplemented for you and your team and how have you seen yourself progressing?

We have undergone Crane and Forklift Training andTests and we retrain every three years. The training has been extremelybeneficial in loading larger products. The size of the products have continuedto grow throughout my 20 years and I expect that they will continue to do so inthe coming years so from a health and safety aspect every bit of training isworthwhile. I have also been put forward to complete an NVQ in Management. Thishas helped as the number of employees has increased and I have more peopleworking alongside me in the Yard.

5. Have you found your skill sets have changed orimproved over time?

I think my skills have definitely improved over theyears, the yard is just so busy that managing my time, being organised andbeing able to delegate to others in the yard are all important factors everyday. We have two of our own Lorries and we have a number of other HaulageCompanies in and out of the Yard each day that we need to have Machine Loadscarefully planned to ensure everything will fit, so that itself takes time. TheLoading of the items also takes up a lot of time, it’s important that we get itright here in the yard so the customer can unload successfully when it reachesthem. Preparation is key and these are skills I have developed through on thejob learning. 

6. You obviously take great pride in your work, howimportant is your role in the customer service aspect of the companyconsidering your team aren’t customer facing?

I expect Machines to leave the Yard in a conditiona customer wants to receive them.  Sothat means no damage while loading, and making sure they are loaded in such away that the person unloading lifts them off without causing any damage too.It’s not always easy, you’re restricted on space and with larger items andmixed loads and this is particularly difficult. I am also the last person tosee a Machine before it reaches the customer so that makes me the last line inquality control. It’s a big responsibility but it makes me feel trusted andvalued by the company. I believe this is how I play my part in CustomerServices in the Company.

7. You have a young apprentice Aaron working closelywith you, how important is it to mentor the junior employees on the team?

This is so important. The mistakes we made andlearned from early on can’t happen again and so getting the right people helps.Aaron has taken to the job like a duck to water, he is dependable and has suchgreat potential. He has undergone his Forklift test recently which will easethe workload considering the volume of items going out. He has a great workethic and a pleasure to work with. Continuous development for the nextgeneration is key for the progression for the company in the coming years andsomething I hope to be a part of.

8. Going forward how would you like to see yourrole develop?

Over the last few years the yard has become busier,the product sizes are getting bigger and we have had to continuously strive forbetter organisation. I hear there are plans for an extension to the Factory soI am excited to see new facilities and equipment and how it will affect theYard and myself personally.

Meet the team: William McCorkell